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ECB Room 1002 - Biomedical Experimental Teaching Lab

This lab is used for wet-lab based courses: BME 201, BME 315, BME 430, BME 511, BME 550, BME 603, and BME Design.

Please avoid using the room when a Lab is running. See calendar below. For questions related to this lab please contact John Puccinelli.

Reserve equipment:

  • Request access to the google calendar (see contact)
  • Title events: "Your Name-Equipment Name"

Required safety training for the lab:

For more information and other safety training courses offered at UW- see Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) - Training.

Storing items in the lab

  • All project items must be labeled with:
    "Team short Name (project), Semester/Year, and Contact Information (name and email of one teammember)"
  • All chemicals or reagents must be labeled additionally with:
    Contents and opened date

Follow this guideline for proper disposal of waste.

Room Schedule

Available Resources

General cell biology equipment


Nikon Ti-U Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Nikon Ti-S

Schedule via scheduling the room

Olympus IX71 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

  • Filter Set Spectra
  • Filters: DAPI, GFP, TexRed
  • Objectives: 4, 10, 20, 40, 60X
  • Monochromatic camera

Schedule via scheduling the room

Zeiss Axiovert 40 Inverted Microscope

Zeiss AxioVert 40

Schedule via scheduling the room

Additional Microscopes

Mechanical Testing

MTS Criterion - Model C43

MTS Criterion C43

Schedule via scheduling the room

MTS Insight - Model 5kN

  • User Manual
  • MTS - Manufacturer Webpage
  • Bionix EnviroBath - BioChamber and Controller (Use SS fixtures)
  • Load Cells: 50 N, 250 N, 1 kN(2), and 10 kN
  • Compression fixtures: 1 kN, and 10 kN (SS)
  • Tensile Grips: 100 N rubber, 100 N (SS), 2 kN, and 10 kN
  • Bend Fixtures: 3 & 4 point 60 mm (SS), and 3 & 4 point 60 mm
MTS Insight 5kN

Schedule via scheduling the room

Malvern Rheometer - Kinexus Ultra+

MTS Insight 5kN

Schedule via scheduling the room


Laser Engraver/Cutter - Epilog Mini18 - 40 Watt

Syringe Pumps

KDScientific 200 (2)
Syringe Pump

O2 Plasma

Diener Fempto
"How to Guide"
Diener Fempto