The BME department has shared space and equipment available for use by its faculty, staff, courses and students. To ensure these resources continue to be available, appropriate access and training is required. This site contains user manuals, standard operating procedures, and schedules for the shared equipment. See contact for details.


Recent News

2014 March 19: ALL Resources - WiscCal Scheduling: Back online. Title events "Your Name - Lab PI Last Name". Reservations for all equipment is required. Email John Puccinelli contact (your netID, lab PI, title, and resources needed) for access. WiscCal help information is available. Resources in the reservation system are listed below. SharedLab pages for each lab include the daily schedule for each resource and room.

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This week in the Shared Labs

Calendar Key

Innovation Room 2139 - Red

Innovation Room 2139

Teaching Lab 2005 - Teal

Materials and Tissue Lab 2005

SynergyHT Plate Reader 2005 - Light Green

SynergyHT Plate Reader 2005

MTS Criterion C43

MTS Criterion C43 2005

Epilog Laser Engraver 2005 - Hunter Green

BioRad ChemiDoc MP 2005

Instrumentation Lab 2043 - Gray

Bioinstrumentation Lab 2043

Cell Culture Room 2046A - Dark Blue

Cell Culture Room 2046A

Decon Microscope 2046B - Purple

Decon Microscope 2046B

RT PCR/NanoDrop 2046

Tecan Plate Reader 2046

Ultra Centrifuge 2048 - Orange

Ultra Centrifuge 2048

Primus Autoclave - Light Burnt Orange

Primus Autoclave 2048

Microm Cryostat 2048 - Dark Burnt Orange

Microm Cryostat 2048

US Holidays - Brown

US Holidays

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 Note: This calendar displays ±30 days, WiscCal updates to this calendar may be delayed up to 24 hours