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ECB Rooms 1070/1080 - The Biomedical Engineering Design Studios


This space is dedicated to BME Design - sophomore through senior - BME 200, 201, 300, 301, 400, and 402.

From the department's inception in 1999, design has served as the cornerstone of its undergraduate curriculum. Through the use of innovative, hands-on learning methods, BME students learn the design process and problem-solving capabilities. From concept to prototype design, they work together to create solutions for real clients using novel engineering approaches. To contribute to this space and BME Design projects, support BME Design.
Submit a BME Design project idea / request to be a client.

Storage space in the Design Studio

Student design teams can contact Dr. John Puccinelli to request a shelf or cabinet in the Design Studio. All items (shelves or cabinets) must be labeled properly: "Team short Name, Semester/Year, Contact Information" or the contents will be removed. The storage closet is located in room 1070 (side room 1076).

All bench space must remain clear and clean.


Each bench in 1080 is equipped with a CAE log-on laptop with external monitor, oscilloscope, and power supply.

Mobile benches and smartboard are located in 1070 and can be reconfigured as needed.

The supply closet in 1086 contains commonly used components and a small subset of tools. All materials, equipment and tools should be RETURNED to the closet. Design teams should PURCHASE their own supplies with their client's funding, however these supplies can serve as a first test for your prototype.

Better Health by Design

Take this opportunity and learn by doing, be an engineer now - design, innovate, and experience the possibilities.

"BME design has instilled in me a strong passion to ask crucial questions of 'why?' and 'how can this product/process be better designed to optimize efficiency?' It has also fostered strong personal and professional relationships." -Kim Maciolek, UW BS BME '13, UW MD Candidate '17

"I think the strongest component of the BME undergrad education at UW Madison is the design courses. This best helps you to prepare for industry and working on teams." -BME Alum