Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Teaching Lab: ECB Room 2005

This lab is used for wet-lab based courses: BME 201, BME 315, BME 430, BME 511, BME 550, BME 603, and BME Design. Please avoid using the room when a Lab is running. See calendar below. For questions related to this lab please contact John Puccinelli.

Follow this guidelines for proper disposal of waste.

Available Resources

Classes in 2005

Standard Materials/Tissue Lab Equipment

BioSafety Cabinets (4) - Biosafety Level I
Fume Hoods (3)
Incubators (2) at 37°C and 5% CO2 (with shaker)
Centrifuges: Eppendorf 5702/R(15 mL and 50 mL), Sorvall 17R Micro Refrigerated(1.5 mL)
Sonicator, Ultrasonic bath
Shakers (ambient and within an incubator), Self incubating orbital shaker
Analytical Balance, Other Balances, pH Meters
Water baths, Oven, Hotplates/stirrers, Votexers
Micropipettors, Pipet-aids
UVP 254 nm Oven/crosslinker

Equipment Schedules

Labconco Lyophilizer/Freeze Dryer (6L)

User Manual
Labconco - Manufacturer Webpage
Labconco Catalog

Labconco Lyophilizer/Freeze Dryer (6L)

Labconco Lyophilizer Schedule


Nikon Ti-U Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Configuration information
Nikon Elements BR - Software manual
Nikon - Manufacturer Webpage
Objectives: 2, 4, 10, 20, 40X
Monochromatic camera

Nikon Ti-S

Nikon Ti-U Schedule

Zeiss Axiovert 40 Inverted Microscope

Zeiss - Manufacturer Webpage
Objectives: 2, 5, 10, 20X
Color camera (AxioCam)

Additional Microscopes

Olympus Inverted CKX31 (4,10,20X) - no camera
Olympus BX60 (10,20,40X) - no camera
Nikon E400 (4,10,20,40,100X) - no camera

Zeiss AxioVert 40

Zeiss Axiovert 40 Schedule


Plate Reader - Synergy HT

User Manual
Available Filters in ECB2005
Multi-Mode Mirrors Filters
Qualifying Absorbance Readers in UV
BioTek - Manufacturer Webpage


Plate Reader - SynergyHT Schedule

BioRad ChemiDoc MP

User Manual
V3 Western Workflow
Western Normalization with Image Lab
Molecular Weight Estimation and Quantitation of Protein
BioRad - Manufacturer Webpage

BioRad ChemiDoc MP

BioRad ChemiDoc MP Schedule

Mechanical Testing

MTS Criterion - Model C43

User Manual
MTS - Manufacturer Webpage
MTS Test Suite software
Bionix EnviroBath - BioChamber and Controller (Use SS fixtures)

MTS Criterion C43

MTS Criterion C43 Schedule

MTS Insight - Model 5kN

User Manual
MTS - Manufacturer Webpage
Bionix EnviroBath - BioChamber and Controller (Use SS fixtures)
MTS Common load cells and fixtures
-Load Cells: 50 N, 250 N, 1 kN(2), and 10 kN
-Compression fixtures: 1 kN, and 10 kN (SS)
-Tensile Grips: 100 N rubber, 100 N (SS), 2 kN, and 10 kN
-Bend Fixtures: 3 & 4 point 60 mm (SS), and 3 & 4 point 60 mm

MTS Insight 5kN

MTS Insight 5kN Schedule

Malvern Rheometer - Kinexus Ultra+

User Manual
Malvern - Manufacturer Webpage
Malvern Kinexus Ultra+ Webpage
rSpace Software (password required)
-Parallel plate: PU20 (SS)
-Cone and plate: CP 4/40 (SS)

MTS Insight 5kN

Malvern Rheometer Schedule

Microfabrication and BioMEMS Equipment

Spin Coater

SCS P-6708
SpinCoater SCS p6708

Omnicure 365nm

Lumen Dynamics S1500
Omnicure S150


Spectroline DM-365XA
Spectroline DM-365XA


PMC Dataplate (17)
PMC Dataplate - Barnstead

Syringe Pumps

KDScientific 200 (2)
Syringe Pump

O2 Plasma

Diener Fempto
Diener Fempto

Laser Engraver/Cutter - Epilog Mini18 - 40 Watt

User Manual
40Watt Laser Specs
Win32 bit Print Driver, Win64 bit Print Driver
Epilog Laser - Manufacturer Webpage

Epilog Mini

Laser Engraver/Cutter Schedule