Shared Research Lab - Bio-Resource: ECB Room 2048

See also the Shared Research Lab - Analysis: ECB Room 2046
Follow this guideline for proper disposal of waste.

Available Resources

Equipment Schedules

High Performance (Ultra) Centrifuge

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-26-XPI User Manual
Chemical Resistance Guide
Rotor JA-10 (500 mL)
Rotor JA-20 (50 mL)
Rotor and Tube Guide


Ultra Centrifuge Schedule

Microm Microtome Cryostat Sectioner

User Manual
Note: No human tissue
or biologically infectious samples


Microm Cryostat Schedule

Primus Sterilizer (26" x 26" x 39")

Programmed Cycles (1-4)
User Manual

Other Autoclaves

Medium Autoclave (15" W x 15" H x 28" D)
Small Autoclave
EtO Sterilizer (currently down)



Refrigeration / Storage

Cryostorage - Thermo Jr.
Freezer -80°C
General Fridge 4°C
General Freezer -20°C
Flammables Fridge (4°C) and Freezer (-20°C)


Cryostorage Liquid Nitrogen
Filling and Ordering Schedule

Jan - March: Campagnola Lab - Sam Alkmin
April - June: Chesler Lab - Jennifer Philip
July - Sept.: McClean Lab -
Oct. - Dec.: Notbohm Lab - Brian Burkel
MDS Airgas room delivery P/N: NI 180LT22C162

Deionized Water 18.2 MΩ

Milli-Q Synthesis Manual
Complete Milli-Q Guide
Volume Dispense

Milli-Q Synthesis


Other Equipment

Ice Machine
Refrigerated Centrifuge