Shared Research Lab - Analysis: ECB Room 2046

See also the Shared Research Lab - Bio-Resource: ECB Room 2048
Follow this guideline for proper disposal of waste.

Available Resources

Equipment Schedules

RT PCR - Applied BioSystems StepOne Plus

General User Manual
Genotyping Experiments
Presence/Absence Experiments
Standard Curve Experiments
Relative Standard Curve and Comparative CT
Maintenance guide
StepOne How To Resource - Manufacturer Webpage


RT PCR / NanoDrop Schedule

Spectrophotometer - NanoDrop 2000

User Manual
Protein Measurement Tips
Manufacturer Webpage

Olympus IX71 Fluorescence Decon Microscope

Decon Filter Set
Slide Book 5.0 User Manual
What's New in SlideBook 5.0
About Deconvolution in Optical Microscopy
Decon Methods Reference
Decon Guidelines Troubleshooting
Working Persons Guide to Deconvolution
Colin Monks Optical Spherical Aberration Correction


Decon Microscope Schedule

Tecan Infinite M1000 Plate Reader

User Manual
Software Manual
NanoQuant Plate - 16 2 uL samples
Tecan Manufacturer Webpage

Tecan M1000

Tecan Plate Reader Schedule

2046 A - Culture Room

37°C Incubator
BioSafety Cabinet - BSL 2

Other Equipment

UV Vis Spectrometer
pH Meter
Water Circulator (heats/cools)


Cell Culture Room 2046A